"Times have changed. The rules of the economy have shifted to favor the very wealthy over working families. Together, we can change that."

Why I'm Running

I think people who work very hard have gotten a raw deal -- in this district and in rural areas throughout the country. The rules of the economy have slowly changed over time to favor the very wealthy over working families. And while politicians talk about making change, Washington remains broken. One in five children in this district lives below the poverty line. As a mother, I am passionate about changing this. We are in a unique moment where both Democrats and Republicans, regular people, are pushing for a Washington that actually works. Unlike our current representative, I will always fight for regular people. I’ll focus on creating good jobs through infrastructure spending—including broadband and cell phone service—to attract business, strengthening unions, reducing the cost of healthcare without sacrificing quality, and developing education and skill building programs that match workers with good-paying jobs.

Tanya Signature

About Tanya

Tanya Boone’s family dates back five generations in the 21st District. She grew up in the town of Granville, where her parents are active members of the community. Her father is a retired high school teacher and is still active in his union, NYSUT. Her mother is a retired medical secretary and serves on local boards. Her parents live in the house Tanya grew up in, and her three brothers and a large extended family live in the area.

Inspired by the support and opportunities provided to her family by her father’s union and her parents community leadership, Tanya began working as a union organizer after graduating from the Labor (ILR) School at Cornell University in 1996. She worked with nurses, healthcare professionals, patient care assistants and teachers to improve their wages, working conditions, and benefits. Watching people transform from frustrated to hopeful through workplace action was a powerful experience for Tanya.

In 2007, Tanya and her brother DJ scraped together enough money to buy Hilltop Slate, a local business in Granville that had been sold to a British company. Though they face many of the same challenges as small businesses across the district, they insisted on immediately giving employees raises and worked hard to use local suppliers once they took ownership. She then returned to Cornell University and obtained an MBA.

After growing up in the 21st District, working as a union organizer, and owning a small business that’s invested in the community, running for Congress is a continuation of her commitment to working families. Tanya is running to represent and advocate for families like hers across the district who are finding it increasingly difficult to live a middle-class life. The family dairy farmers. The veterans coming home from years of proud service to our country. The small business owners in need of reliable cell phone service and internet to flourish. The parents whose children have decided to move elsewhere to find work. The people who work two or three jobs just to make ends meet. All deserve a representative in Congress who will put the district, good jobs and higher wages first.

Tanya and her husband Bob live in a house built by her great-great-grandfather in Granville. Their eight-year old son Adam attends the same public grade school Tanya did.